How Long Should a Vacuum Cleaner Last?

A vacuum cleaner is a popular cleaning tool in most homes. It is not always easy to buy a vacuum cleaner having in mind the many factors you need to consider before buying one. Some of the factors include the brand, vacuum style, suction, and, last but not least, vacuum cleaner lifespan. Manufacturers never disclose the longevity of a vacuum cleaner, but you can prolong your vacuum's life through proper maintenance and using it correctly. Let us look at factors that will shorten your vacuum's life and how to avoid them to ensure that you have your vacuum cleaner as long as possible.

What is the Average Lifespan of Vacuum Cleaners?

A reliability survey by Consumer Reports revealed that a vacuum cleaner's average life expectancy is eight years. However, this depends not only on the brand but also on how you use the vacuum. Frequent use shortens the lifespan; a person with a one-bedroom apartment has different usage from one with a four-bedroom mansion with five people and three pets. Therefore, if you use the vacuum cleaner to clean a large area and is more than eight years old, it might be time for an upgrade.

Factors that affect the Lifespan of Vacuums

  • The Brand

The company that manufactures the vacuum cleaner is a determinant of its longevity. Bigger branded vacuums perform better and last longer than local store unbranded products. The reason is that bigger brands have more resources to afford premium parts. They also conduct product research before releasing a product and have set high standards for their products. Bigger brands also offer a warranty with the product, this is comforting to the buyer, and you should use the warranty period to estimate the vacuum lifespan.

When looking for a vacuum cleaner to buy, compare reviews of different brands to help you pick the right one. You can also visit company websites to learn more about vacuum cleaners and their unique features.

  • Maintenance

Proper maintenance of the vacuum is something that you have control over. Taking care of your vacuum will ensure you will use it for longer with minimal breakdowns. Although it is used to clean, a vacuum also needs cleaning; clean it once per month. If the vacuum develops a problem such as unusual noise, find out why and rectify the problem.

  • Usage

Regular use of the vacuum exposes it to wear and tear more so if your cleaning space is bigger. If your carpet and floors are heavily soiled and dirty, the vacuum works harder, thus shortening its lifespan. Misuse of the vacuum also plays a part in shortening its life, for example, failing to adjust the height when cleaning a high carpet pile or choosing the wrong model. Robot vacuums are not suitable for cleaning narrow and high spaces like beddings, and sofa; an upright or handheld vacuum is better suited for the task.

dreame V11 is better suited for cleaning narrow spaces

How to Prolong Vacuum Cleaner Life Expectancy?

Your vacuum cleaner's life expectancy will be prolonged by how well you maintain it and ensure its proper use. Here are some tips on the proper maintenance of a vacuum.

Regularly Empty the Bag and Dust Canister

It would be best if you emptied the vacuum bag regularly, either bagged or bagless. If you leave it to fill to the brim, it won't be easy to continue vacuuming. There is also a chance that the filled dirt will clog the machine, which will affect its efficiency.

Clean Filters

A vacuum cleaner has filters that capture dust, pollen, smoke, and bacteria particles. This means that the filters will finally get dirty and block up. You, therefore, have to avoid this by always keeping the filters clean.

Most of the vacuums in the market have reusable and washable filters. It makes it easy to clean them often without incurring a replacement cost. When they have excess debris and dirt, you can wash them under a tap; no need to use chemicals as water removes the dirt.

Ensure that the filters are thoroughly dry before you place them back; this will prevent mold growth that can be released in the air when cleaning. Mold causes sickness, such as nasal congestion, sore throat, skin rash, and eye irritation. But, for better cleaning efficiency, replace the filters every 3-6 months.

Disentangle the Motorized Brush

All debris, carpet fibers, dirt, and long hair are captured by the motorized brush situated at the vacuum's bottom. Although this is its job, sometimes dirt wraps around the brush and exerts stress on it. When this goes on, the brush stops to spin and clean your home. To prevent this, cut away debris and hair from the brush every few weeks; you can use scissors.

Cleaning up Liquids

Some of the handheld vacuum cleaners in the market are only suitable for cleaning light water accidents and spills, known as wet/dry vacuuming ability. But most canister, stick, and upright vacuums are not made to clean liquids. When you attempt to vacuum liquids, you end up damaging your machine and risk electrocution. If you do not have the right vacuum, use paper towels or a mop to clean up liquids.

Avoid Carelessness when Handling the Power Cord

When vacuuming, ensure that the power cord is away from the vacuum as the motorized brush can cut and fray it. If this happens, the vacuum will be unsafe to use as there will be exposed electric wires hanging dangerously. Also, when in use, do not use the power cord to pull your vacuum.

Tidy up before Vacuuming

Before you start vacuuming, tidy up the area you intend to clean. Remove small objects such as coins, toys, screws, and broken glass as they can damage your vacuum. A vacuum cleaner is not meant to pick up such objects as they are too big.

Dreame Vacuum Cleaners Last Longer with Its High Quality

Dreame is a manufacturer of cordless vacuum cleaners through the use of high-end technology to provide intelligent cleaning. The latest cordless vacuum cleaner invention is the Dreame V11, a high-quality cleaner that ensures its efficiency and longevity in the following ways.

Improved Airflow System

The airflow system is designed to allow the vacuum to perform optimally without overheating. The air vents have been tactically placed to dissipate heat.

Better and Bigger Battery

The battery life of this vacuum is determined by the mode you use when cleaning. It takes four hours to charge the battery, which means that you will achieve your cleaning goals within a short time. There is a battery indicator beside the vacuum unit that displays battery life in the three suction modes.

Filtration System

The Dreame V11 vacuum cleaner has improved from its previous model with a filtration system capable of filtering out 0.3-micron particles. The filtration system has 12 cone cylinders that permit finer and precise filtration through trapping fine dust and dirt in the dustbin. The cylinders reduce clogging on the motor, meaning that the vacuum will not lose suction power. The numerous cones reduce the filter workload, which extends the vacuum's lifespan. The filter is green friendly as it is removable, reusable, and washable.

durable material extends dreame v11 lifespan

OLED Color Display

This vacuum has an all-in-one LED color display that displays suction settings, battery life, and a hands-free lock mode. It has an elegant and simple design that makes it easy to use. There is a lock button on the OLED screen display that allows finger-free non-stop use. There is no need to keep on pressing the on-button as the mode permits free-hand use to keep the vacuum running.

Final Word

The lifespan of your vacuum will be determined by how well you take care of it. Follow the maintenance tips above to prolong its life. Also, use it as intended; different models handle different workloads. You also have the freedom to choose between a corded or cordless vacuum cleaner , which will be determined by your cleaning area's size. Visit the Dreame robot vacuum family to see how you can make life easier for you.