How Can I Clean My House In 1 Hour Using Handheld Vacuum?

These days everyone is busy, and very few women get even half a day, let alone a full day, to spend cleaning the house. However, the tight schedules and total commitments should not be reason enough for you to live in a pigsty. The challenge is real, and if you experience it, know that you're not alone. However, the good news is that this article compiles simple tricks that will help you get the house tidy, neat, and presentable in just one hour. Before getting down to the tips, here are the reasons why you may need to clean your house faster.

Reasons Why You Need To Clean the House Faster

The reasons why you may have to hasten the process are numerous and vary from one individual to another. However, these are the major causes of this process to the majority of people.

Busy Schedules

With many jobs running from 9 am to 5 pm every weekday, many people lack the time and opportunity to clean the house. The weekends are never enough since you want to spend time with family and get some time to catch up with friends. As a result, it helps to maximize any short period that you get.

Short Notice Visits

Have you ever received the “we’re paying you a visit and we’ll be there in 30 minutes” texts when the house is in a mess? That's the moment you always wish you had extra hands and extra legs to move around and set everything in order before they ring the doorbell.

While Nursing Infants

Taking care of infants is itself is a full-time job. It can keep you busy the whole day, the entire week, the entire month, and even the whole year until they're of age. Thankfully, you will get short breaks when they fall asleep, or you get someone to watch over them shortly. At such moments, you need to act extra fast, or you won't be able to do anything at all.

To Save Time

Time is on the run, and it's up to you to catch up. It doesn't matter how tight your schedule is, but the time you spend on each task counts and translates to how fast and organized your other tasks will be.

How to Clean Your House in One Hour with Handheld Vacuum?

Whether you want to do a deep clean or you're just interested in making it tidy for a moment, a handheld vacuum cleaner will make the process easier and faster for you. Handheld vacuum cleaners are usually multi-functional. It can not only vacuum the floor but also clean your furniture, sofa, bed, etc. Here are some cleaning tips to clean your house fast with a handheld vacuum.

Vacuum Your Floor

Vacuuming your floor using a handheld vacuum cleaner is way more comfortable and quicker than the canister counterpart. A handheld vacuum cleaner is lightweight and smaller, making it highly and easily portable around the house. That means you won't have to bear the heavy luggage, and you can quickly vacuum all the rooms on all floors.

It’s also powerful and comes with special tools to perform duties that the big canister vacuum cleaners can’t do. That means you won’t have to worry about the pet hairs, the particles, and all the hidden parts of the house again. Cleaning your wood floors and carpets will be much more comfortable, especially if you're using the Dreame V11 vacuum cleaner because it’s cordless, and the battery will last you the whole cleaning session.

dreame v11 can vacuum all types of floors

Clean Wood Furniture

Cleaning wood furniture has never been more comfortable and fun than it is now with handheld vacuum cleaners. Most handheld vacuum cleaners come with brushes, like a 2-in-1 brush that works perfectly well when dusting wood furniture surfaces.

Clean Small Crevices Easily

Handheld vacuum cleaners are very versatile. They can access almost every part of your house and clean everything around the rooms. Many vendors offer handheld vacuum cleaners with a 2-in-1 flat brush that is ideal for cleaning narrow spaces and accessing the hidden crevices between the carpet and walls, on the sofa, and at the house's corners.

Remove Mite from Sofa

Dust mites survive well in warm places like beddings and sofa. Don't give them the comfort of settling on your home since they're perfect catalysts of allergic reactions, and they can also trigger asthma attacks if you have such a patient.

You maybe know the mite removal brush. Fortunately, most handheld vacuum cleaner sellers will sell this gadget as an essential accessory to buyers. It works efficiently to remove all dust mites and discourage the flourishing of any other allergens.

Your Good Home Cleaning Helper - Dreame V11

If you are on the run and time is not in your favor, then Dreame V11 is the partner to run to. It's perfect if you want to vacuum your carpets efficiently and still works well when you want to remove objects and dirt from hidden spots. With a 90-minute runtime and 3000mAh battery, there's no doubt that your work will be easy and stress-free. It’s easy to use and lightweight as well. That means even your children can carry it around and help you with the chores.

You indeed have minimal time, but cleaning your house shouldn't be too tedious if you have the right tools. The handheld vacuum cleaners are one of the most worthwhile investments in-home cleaning because they can not only vacuum but also clean your wooden furniture, sofas, etc.