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Home Deep Cleaning vs Regular Cleaning: What's the Differences?

Most people who clean their homes do regular cleaning. Professional cleaning companies do regular and deep cleaning. While you'll have to pay extra for deep cleaning, there's unmatched value for money. To understand why you should overlook DIY (Do-It-Yourself) home cleaning over professional cleaning, it's important to define the two terms.

What's the Difference Between Deep Cleaning and Regular Cleaning Your Home

Regular Cleaning

As the name suggests, regular home cleaning involves typical home cleaning tasks done to maintain typical cleanliness. While it's possible to hire a cleaning company to do regular cleaning, it costs less than deep cleaning.

Regular cleaning usually involves cleaning tasks such as sweeping floors, cleaning and mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, wiping the dust from surfaces, appliances, and fixtures, cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom, cleaning kitchen appliances, cooking pots and floors as well as cleaning doors, window frames, dusting vents, emptying the trash can, and removing cobwebs.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning goes further than regular cleaning. The main difference is in the level of detail. Deep cleaning is more extensive. It includes all regular cleaning tasks as well as cleaning neglected and/or hard-to-reach areas of your home. Anything that can be cleaned is attended to. It also focuses on improving the living quality and overall sanitation of your home. Other notable differences include price. Deep cleaning is obviously more costly. It also takes longer.

How Often Do You Need to Deep Clean Your Home

As mentioned above, deep cleaning involves cleaning every cleanable place or thing in your home. While it's not possible to clean everything, there are things you must deep clean often than others.

You should deep clean your microwave, shower, toilet, bathmats, bathtubs, and carpets every week. Your refrigerator can be deep cleaned monthly, while your pillows and skirting boards should be cleaned every three months.

Windows and drapes should be cleaned thoroughly after 3-6 months. Your mattress, blankets, and duvets can be deep cleaned at least twice a year. Showerheads can wait for a year, while your oven should be deep cleaned when it starts emitting an unpleasant odor. This can even be weekly depending on the frequency, spills, etc.

Deep Cleaning with Vacuum

Deep Cleaning House Checklist: How to Deep Clean a House

If you are looking for specifics i.e., the different places to clean in your kitchen, bedroom, etc., how to clean those places, the number of times you should clean, among other important information, here's what you should know.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

When deep cleaning your kitchen, you should focus on the microwave, refrigerator, and oven, as these are the appliances that aren't cleaned properly during regular cleaning. As mentioned above, deep clean your microwave weekly to get rid of food splatters that act as breeding grounds for germs.

Your refrigerator should be deep cleaned monthly to eliminate food spills and other sources of germs like rotting vegetables, which can also cause serious bacterial contamination. The process of deep cleaning a refrigerator includes but isn't limited to removing everything and wiping down all compartments using an antibacterial wash.

The oven should be deep cleaned as often as possible, more so when you start to smell previously cooked food. When cleaning your oven regularly, use a damp cloth and soapy water to get rid of good spills and splashes.

Other areas and appliances that should be deep cleaned in the kitchen include dishwashers, stovetops, and sinks.

Living Room Deep Cleaning

Your living room should be deep cleaned weekly to half-yearly, depending on what is being cleaned.

Carpets cleaning should be done weekly and deep cleaned once or twice a year. However, deep cleaning can be done often if you have pets or young children that play a lot but still need a carpet that is clean throughout. Deep cleaning is also dictated by factors such as stains and dust levels in your area.

Deep cleaning carpets can be a daunting task when handled traditionally. Currently, there are deep cleaning vacuums in the market today, such as the Dreame T20 for deep cleaning your sofa, carpet, and floors.

Dreame T20 for deep cleaning

Windows and drapes can be deep cleaned once every 3-6 months. While you can wipe the woodwork, you'll need a professional to help you deep clean other elements/parts i.e., to remove grime from your drapes and windows.

Skirting boards should be deep cleaned quarterly. Vacuuming and wiping over skirting will remove the layer of dust and pathogens (dust mites/allergens) that accumulate over time on skirting boards.

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

Bathtubs and showers should be deep cleaned weekly. Deep cleaning is crucial since bathtubs and showers are perfect breeding grounds for fungus and bacteria known to cause skin infections. Cleaning should be as thorough as possible by using antibacterial agents.

Toilets should be cleaned regularly on a daily basis, and deep cleaned every week. Like bathtubs and showers, cleaning should be done using antibacterial agents. It's also crucial to use bleach to keep your toilet free of ugly stains. A toilet cleaner will come in handy when removing mineral deposits.

Bathmats should also be cleaned weekly since they are also breeding grounds for fungus and bacteria. Use sanitizing wash or other similar detergents to get rid of harmful bugs that thrive in bathmats. After washing, dry the mat outdoors in direct sunlight to dry.

Bathroom shower heads should be deep cleaned once every year to remove minerals that build up over time and restore normal function. Deep cleaning also gets rid of dust and dirt that accumulates over time.

Bedroom Deep Cleaning

Bedroom pillows should be deep cleaned quarterly, while mattresses, duvets, and blankets should be deep cleaned twice a year. Pillows harbor dead skin, sweat, oil, dust mites, and other allergens.

Mattresses also harbor everything found in pillows and more i.e., bed bugs. Mattresses are also prone to become smelly.

Duvets and blankets also accumulate dust and allergens. All the bedroom items should be deep cleaned by professional cleaners. You can do regular cleaning; however, deep cleaning should be left to professionals for obvious reasons. While it looks costly, it's important to consider the health implications of disregarding deep cleaning requirements.

It's also important to choose reputable professional deep cleaners. It may be possible to deep clean some elements/places in your home with the help of state-of-the-art appliances. Make deep cleaning fast, easy, and efficient with the Dreame T20 right now!