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Dreame T20 New Features

The Dream V11 cordless vacuum changed the market with its sleek, practical design, incredible suction power, and easy-to-use compact size, which made deep cleaning interior floors, car interiors, bedding, and more a cinch.

However, Dreame recently released the new T20 cordless vacuum, which boasts all the exciting features of the V11 but with more optimized features for a more heightened cleaning experience, including a wider diameter design with soft fleece on both ends and a V-shaped comb for effectively restraining and removing both long and short hairs to prevent tangling.

150AW Powerful Suction

The Dreame T20 features the same amazing suction power that Dreame cordless vacuums are known for, which enables users to deep clean a variety of challenging surfaces, including shag carpeting, drawers, curtains, and more.

Like the Dreame V11, the T20 also has up to 150AW suction power, which is strong enough to pick up dry beans, dog food pellets, and even small screws.

The patent-pending, aviation-level engineered motor also delivers 125,000 rotations per minute for some of the fastest, stable, suction power in the industry and all in a 3.68-pound frame, which makes it easy to use for just about anyone.

Cone Cyclone

The T20 also stuck with the 12 clone cyclone filtration system, which filters out 99.97% of dust as well as 0.3 sized microns with its removable HEPA filter that can be also be removed and cleaned to help prevent clogging of the filter, for better efficiency, as well as to prevent dust from being pumped back into the room, which can diminish the air quality. It also helps extends the life of the filter by more than 60%.

dreame t20 cone cyclone

Smart Scanning & Self Adjusting

This new and improved feature added to the T20 enables the device to automatically detect the floor type and then adjust the suction level to fit the ground surface, which prevents you from having to stop and start the vacuum between rooms or floors, as well as also helps preserve battery life.

70 Mins Ultra-long Battery Time

The V11 features a longer run time; however, the T20 more than makes up for it with its second battery that enables up to 140 minutes of run time when used in conjunction with the first battery.

Or the user can simply use each battery one at a time for up to 70 minutes of run time, depending on the selected mode, while the other remains fully charged as a backup.

The T20 also includes a 2 in 1 wall mounted charging dock with a dual charger to both batteries at once, so you are never without a fully charged battery.

All-In-One Simplified Operation

If users thought the V11 could do it all with the Eco Mode for light dusting, the Med Mode for cleaning plush carpeting, and the Turbo Mode for cleaning curtains, car seats, and more, then they will absolutely love the T20's 4th mode addition, the 30 - 57W Auto Mode, which enables users to do it all automatically with just the touch of a button.

It also includes various accessories, like the V11, to further optimize the power and cleaning time for your device, including a mite attachment for removing dust mites, a 2 in 1 brush for cleaning your keyboard, and more, an extension hose for reaching hard to reach places, and a newly included crevice nozzle for getting into narrow spaces for all-in-one simplified operation.

HD Full Color Screen

The Dreame T20 also makes it easy to access the all-in-one functions via a high-definition LED screen that displays the device's working status in real-time, the remaining working time, suction modes, system error alert, and filter replacement reminder, so the user is always aware of what's going on with the vacuum.

It also features an electronic lock button that enables finger-free continuous use of the unit as you maneuver about, as opposed to having to stop and start the vacuum each time you enter a new room.

However, for quick cleanups, simply switch to the non-continuous mode, which only powers the motor as long as your finger is on the power button.

dreame t20 hd full color screen

8-Stage Noise Reduction

The T20 also still includes superior noise production, so you can vacuum your home any time of the day or night without disturbing anyone.

For a true all-in-one vacuum that is also lightweight and easy to use, users can't go wrong with the Dreame T20 and most retailers also offer a 2-year warranty for added protection.