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Dreame D9 New Features

While some robot manufacturers are releasing classic vacuum cleaners, Dreame is taking cleaning up to another level with the new Dreame D9. Known for their cordless vacuum cleaners, the release of the newest robot vacuum cleaner is made for those who love technology and hate the fuss of cleaning. The Dreame D9 thoroughly cleans, mops the floor, and effortlessly navigates through your home. We've got a look into the Dreame D9 new features.

150min Ultra-long Runtime

The battery life of the D9 lasts up to 2.5 hours. It has a large 5,200 mAh battery.

This is perfect for a large house. If the vacuum needs more power and still has more area to clean, it will return to the dock to calculate how much power it needs, then only power up to that level. It will then finish cleaning the area.

Add Pressure on Carpets

The automatic carpet boost on the D9 is perfect if you have areas of carpet then wood or tile flooring. It automatically detects carpets and boosts their suction power. This helps you get cleaner results on all of your types of flooring. Best of all, the suction you receive is super powerful at 3000Pa. It thoroughly removes debris from the deepest parts of your carpets using four different modes. It also had a side broom that runs at a speed of 190rpm. All of the debris is stored in a 570ml dust bin.

270ml Intelligent Water Tank

The water tank is perfect for deep cleaning and mopping. It is equipped with an electronic water tank that holds three different water levels. This allows the vacuum cleaner to cover a very large area of tile, wood, or another type of flooring besides carpet. You can set your water level output on the app depending on the different types of mopping tasks.

Anti-Bacteria Mop Cloth

The mop is equipped to clean 99.9% of bacteria off your flooring. It also supports "no-mop" zones. This means it will keep the robot vacuum off the carpets when it is in mopping mode.

dreame d9

Cross Obstacles with Ease

The Dreame D9 crosses obstacles in your home with ease. It can pass obstacles up to 2cm. It has 14 sensors that detect obstacles around the unit so it can pass around them as well as avoid falling. It also does not have a laser turret so it is very thin with a thickness of 8 cm.

Lidar & Navigation

Dreame D9 has a navigation setting that helps the robot build an accurate map of the home. The Lidar scans the surroundings of your home so it knows exactly where to clean. It will then use a pattern to cover the entire cleaning area until it is finished with the job. Once the robot vacuum creates the map, you can divide this map into different rooms so the robot knows which areas need the most attention.

It is important to know that the D9 needs to scan your whole house a few times, in the beginning, to adequately save the map. You are also free to modify the map of your home adding virtual boundaries like a restricted play area.

Optical Flow Sensor

The Dreame D9 uses Pioneer 2.0 which allows it to capture and process unique spatial characteristics. Using visual sensors, the vacuum can locate itself and create a detailed map of your home. The optical flow sensor on the bottom of the vacuum also helps it figure out the path even in dark areas.

Use the Mi Home App

You use Mi Home app control to set up the Dreame D9 vacuum robot. It has a fast reaction to your requests as well as works with Alexa. You can use the app to change modes, modify your house map, and/or view its cleaning status.

The Difference Between Dreame D9 and F9

The D9 and F9 models are both extremely high-tech robot vacuum cleaners. There are a few main differences. The D9 can be connected to Alexa, but the Dreame F9 can’t. The D9's water tank holds 270ml and the F9 holds 200ml. The suction power on the D9 is 3,000PA while the power on the F9 is 2500PA. The F9's Maximum Dustbin Capacity is 600ml while the D9 is 570ml.

The Dreame D9 specifications are unique and powerful. With a maximum strength suction power and a runtime of 150 minutes, this is one of the highest tech robots in the cleaning world. You can have your house vacuumed and mopped by a lightweight robot without lifting a finger when you choose the Dreame D9 Robot Vacuum.