Deep Clean Your Home With Dreame V11 | Floor, Carpet, Table, Sofa

We all want to have a clean and tidy home. With so much to do, you may find it difficult to deep clean your home regularly. Fortunately, you can easily deep clean it if you have the right tools on hand. The Dreame V11 vacuum is a must-have item for anyone that wants to keep their home as clean as possible. Here's more information about how this powerful vacuum can deep clean numerous areas of your home such as your floors, carpets, tables, and sofas.

Regular Cleaning Versus Deep Cleaning

A lot of people clean their home regularly, but they don’t realize that they should deep clean it as well. Regular cleaning only cleans the surface of an item, and deep cleaning removes embedded or unseen dirt, dust, debris, and bacteria. This is what regular cleaning and deep cleaning entail.

Regular Cleaning

  • Quick mopping or vacuuming of the floors
  • Putting things away like toys, clothes, and shoes
  • Wiping down a variety of surfaces including counters, appliances, and doors
  • Taking out the trash

Deep Cleaning

  • Vacuuming the curtains and sofa
  • Cleaning behind appliances and furniture
  • Scrubbing tiles
  • Polishing faucets and handles
  • Dusting baseboards and ceiling fans

Deep cleaning is a lot more labor-intensive than regular cleaning. However, it’s important to deep clean on a regular basis in order to keep dirt and dust from building up.

Deep Clean Your Home With The Dreame V11

Deep cleaning your home doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you have the Dreame V11 vacuum, it can do a lot of the work for you. Here’s how it can help you with things like home cleaning, carpet cleaning, and deep cleaning of your furniture and window coverings.

deep clean your floor curtain sofa with dreame v11

Removes Dust From Curtains

Your curtains can get rather dusty. Unfortunately, a lot of people forego cleaning their curtains because they don’t want to deal with taking them down and putting them into the washing machine. The Dreame V11 will allow you to clean your curtains without having to deal with this hassle. This vacuum can easily reach even very high curtains with ease as the Dreame V11 is cordless, lightweight and easy to maneuver. Removing dust from curtains can be troubling for many homeowners, you can get rid of the dust fairly easily with the Dreame V11 thanks to the 2-in-1 brush. You can use this brush on any areas of your curtains that you think dust is present. Once you are finished vacuuming, you can remove the dust cup with just the press of a button, and empty it out to dispose of the dust.

Deep Cleans The Floors

Your floors are probably walked on a lot throughout the day. Because of this, you need to deep clean the floors on a regular basis. There's still a lot of built-up dirt even if your floors look like they are clean. You can easily get rid of it with the Dreame V11 vacuum. It can clean a variety of different flooring types. If you have a spill that you need to clean up or tight places that need to be cleaned, the vacuum’s 2-in-1 flat brush can do the job with ease.

Dusts Wood Furniture

It’s not uncommon for wood furniture to get dusty. If you are like most people, you probably just aren’t sure what’s the best way to clean this type of furniture. A regular vacuum may harm it and cause scratches. The Dreame V11 is different. You can use its 2-in-1 brush to dust your wood furniture. It can efficiently get rid of all of the dust that’s accumulated without damaging your wood furniture. You can also use the Dreame V11 to dust other areas of your home such as your baseboards and ceiling fans.

Vacuums Carpets And Rugs

Your carpets and rugs can be filled with a lot of dust and debris that you just can't see. If you vacuum on a regular basis, you probably don’t realize just how dirty your carpets and rugs still are. You really need to give them a good deep cleaning on a consistent basis. The Dreame V11 can do this for you. It can get rid of even ground-up dirt that's deeply embedded in the carpet fibers.

Cleans Your Sofa

Even if you don’t sit on your sofa on a daily basis, you still need to deep clean it. Dust and dirt can build up on it fairly easily. Fortunately, you don’t have to wash the sofa cushions in order to get them clean. The Dreame V11 vacuum has a mite removal brush that allows you to easily clean your sofa. The 2-in-1 flat brush will allow you to effortlessly get in between each cushion so that you can give your sofa the deep cleaning it needs. The ergonomic design of the Dreame V11 will also make it easy for you to clean difficult to reach places such as under or behind the sofa as well.

If you clean your home often, it still probably isn’t enough. You do need to deep clean your home on a regular basis in order to get rid of any unseen dust, dirt and debris. Fortunately, the Dreame V11 vacuum makes deep cleaning your home easy. It has quite a few different attachments and a unique design that will allow you to clean numerous surfaces in your home. The Dreame V11 is the perfect vacuum to have for a variety of household cleaning tasks.