Is It Better To Buy A Cordless Vacuum Than A Corded One?

Vacuum cleaners are an essential element of office and home cleaning since they help eliminate debris and dust. The invention of vacuum cleaners has helped save time and makes cleaning easy. With the improvement of technology, more vacuum cleaners are efficient.

Depending on your needs, you can opt for a corded or cordless vacuum. But, which is better between a cordless and corded vacuum cleaner? Vacuum owners tend to ask themselves this question. So, here is a guide on the best vacuum cleaner that will save cleaning time and effort.

What is a Corded Vacuum?

Anytime you think of vacuum cleaners, a corded machine pops into your mind. It comes with several attachments and a plug-in cord to help in thorough cleaning. However, you have to connect it to a power source before use. That is the main reason behind its name. With advanced technology, corded vacuum cleaners have improved.

With several areas to clean, a corded vacuum cleaner would perform well since it can run long, provided there is a reliable power supply. To those who prefer cleaning the entire house with a vacuum cleaner, this would be the best choice.

A corded vacuum cleaner features the traditional style of cleaning. It is easier to use since only plugging is required. Its suction power is high, and that makes it the best for cleaning carpets. Strong suction power helps get rid of dirt, dust, and pet hair.

Corded vacuums come with changeable parts and several tools that make cleaning an easy process. The efficient parts can reach all the corners of the surface.

Also, corded vacuums offer a large space for dust collection. Therefore, you can use your cleaner for prolonged periods without disposing of the dust collected.

However, despite the benefits of corded vacuums, they also have a downside that could be a limiting factor during the selection.


  • Suction power with excellent capacity to enhance outstanding cleaning results.
  • An extended period of use as long as there is a constant power supply.
  • It offers cleaning efficiency.
  • It has a great capacity to remove dirt.
  • It's available at an affordable price due to the simple mechanism designs.
  • Easy to reach spots in the tightest spaces and crevices with the many parts.


  • Restriction to movement since you can only move as far as the main wire can reach.
  • You might require unplugging and regularly plugging since the circumference you cover is limited.
  • The bulky size, shape, and capacity limits movement and make stowing challenging after use.

What is a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

cordless vacuum cleaner is the complete opposite of a corded vacuum cleaner. Unlike the corded type, a cordless vacuum cleaner lacks a power-connecting wire. It features a rechargeable battery that needs charging now and then. However, most of the batteries are lithium, so you'll have enough power to last you for a prolonged period.

The batteries can either be removable or permanent. Contrary to permanent batteries, the removable batteries are easy to charge and replace.

A cordless cleaner helps you get to tight spaces because it is easily movable from one room to another.

It is cordless, so your movement is unlimited. Also, its lightweight feature makes it the best for cleaning around furniture and tight corners.

Besides, you can clean your patio, car, and other places with now power source close by. Don't be fooled by the compact body frame as it features a powerful motor for all cleaning needs.


  • It is comparatively less bulky, hence, highly portable.
  • It is lightweight and easy to move around for flexible use and maneuverability.
  • You can readily detach the parts to do a quick and thorough cleaning of the vacuum.
  • A good battery with a powerful motor can clean a surface quite well.
  • It's quite useful for both indoor and outdoor cleaning.


  • This cleaner is quite expensive due to the high technology included.
  • Limited use capacity since the battery could run out before you finish cleaning.

dreame v11 is a cordless vacuum cleaner


Between the cordless and corded vacuum cleaner, which is better?

Your intended use and how deep you are willing to dive into your pocket is the determinant. A cordless vacuum cleaner enhances portability compared to a corded one. So, you can easily move the machine from one room to another and clean the hardest of places.

A corded vacuum cleaner might be right if you have a bigger home with pets, many carpets, and many kids.

The cordless vacuum might be right for you if you have a small house and are easy to manage. With this, you are sure that nothing will get in the way of your cleaning.

Good enough, Dreame V11 is a typical example of the new era cordless vacuum cleaner that comes with a high-capacity battery and outstanding performance. You can never go wrong once you decide to purchase this work of art. It's easy to dismantle and set up. It has washable filters and roller brushes.

Final Verdict

The option you go for depends on storage capacity, area to clean, affordability, and the expected use. Also, the amount you are willing to invest in a vacuum cleaner will determine the type of appliance you purchase. With the progress of science and technology, the cordless vacuum cleaner will be more and more popular with people, this is an inevitable trend.